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JMX Integration

Dozer can be managed via JMX. The Dozer distibution contains fully functional JMX MBeans. These MBeans can be found in the org.dozer.jmx package.

Dozer auto registers these JMX Beans with the PlatformMBeanServer. You can suppress this behavior with the following Dozer configuration property:

dozer.autoregister.jmx.beans = false

Dozer JMX MBeans

MBean Description
DozerStatisticsControllerMBean Runtime mapping statistics. The Statistics section contains more information on the types of statistics that are available.
DozerAdminControllerMBean Admin functions such as enabling/disabling statistics gathering at runtime.

Note that JMX MBeans are potential source of memory leaks. MBeans should be disposed properly when application is stopped or restarted as in most of todays Web Containers there is no full JVM restart. The proper way to unregister all Dozer JMX Beans is to call destroy() method on DozerBeanMapper object.

Sample JMX Screen Shots

Dozer JMX MBeans via JConsole.....